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Alloy-Wear Bars

These Alloy/Wear Bucket cutting edges have high quality heat treatment that makes them last far longer than the ordinary untreated lips. This means less downtime for replacement and more output. Alloy/Wear Bucket Lips stand much more abuse and wear with less weight. A loader does not have to carry extra weight when Alloy/Wear Bucket Lips are used.

We use Alloy/Wear Bucket Lips on our own products and recommend these for replacement. We normally stock the sizes below and will cut custom lengths to order, or will replace your worn cutting edge for you.

Part No.Weight LBS per FT.Dimension ADimension B
   A 4            6       4"      1/2"
   A 6           10       6"      1/2"
   A 8           19       8"      3/4"






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